You wanna be sure you stay safe?

Stay good.

Purity of your Heart will protect you from any bad stories.

If you know you can do better- always do it.
If you know you have some hidden intentions - flip it. Show it, or change your motives.
In your actions, in your thoughts, in your desires. Always good, with no excuses.

It allows you to do most crazy things
With no ugly consequences

That's one and only reliable trick to stay safe in this world.
That's the least guarded secrets of the embodiment.

So simple
And yet so tricky
To solve challenges the game serves us
In this way
Cause occasional lie is often more convenient than explaining the whole truth
And taking things without asking more easy than always checking if we can do it
I would say
Be careful of what you know
Because when you know
What is good
And what is wrong
Then you have very few safe ways back
To how you lived

And that we call
Level Up