How we become new things, how we obtain new qualities? How do we get the initiations? 

For me it's just as easy and just as hard, as trying to do something that we have never done before. You just ask your heart the question: 

am I ready to try? 

and then see if it agrees.

You try to FEEL if the fear you feel is the warning signal to stay away or the fear of stepping in your full power. You try to FEEL if the excitement comes from your curiousity and readiness to meet your long waiting needs or is it the outsourced excitement build by the environment you're in.

What I do next is to ask for protection. Whatever you believe in, you know you are never alone. Right? There are those forces that guides you. You can say it's all you, and your intuition. I say ok! You say it's your higher self. Or spirits. Or gods. Or God.

And then I just try. Observe my feelings. Breathe. Sometimes I quit. And it's ok. Not everything is right for me.

Sometimes I stay and transform, get new qualities.

I met this wizard few months ago. He told me nothing. But I felt his magic.

You, Majestic Singer of Iniciation. Watch me.