I lived thru variety of different anxieties. I can even risk a statement, that I lived in some kind of disquiet permanently, since childhood, until I reached my mid-twenties.

My first serious anxiety attack was when I was 21. Learning to sing traditional songs with loud and open voice helped me out of it. I didn't understand back then, why.

I clearly remember when I experienced my first deep chill state. I went out to the forest with bunch of free people and after five days all my life went upside down. It wasn't possible go back to normal, because I realised the thing I considered "normal" was an abuse on so many levels.. I have photo of my face after few days there, experiencing freedom from fear.. It is so beautiful, I'll show u one day.

When I finally learned to distinguish between anxiety and tension from peaceful state, I wanted to be in peace more often. As a highly rational person I wanted to understand by experience, how does it work. How do I feel, when in fear? How do I change that state? What tools can help me out? When I felt confident enough, it even happened to me to embrace the anxiety states and working to dissolve them.. Well yes, didn't you know I like the short path? Short is painful and unsure, full of mistakes and I do not recommend it to anyone. Despite, I was brave enough and managed to learn relaxation thus way.

I do have variety of tools, helping to cool down and start to realise, what is really happening. Breathing, bodywork, guided meditations and the most basic one
pure magic
Both: singing and listening to cosmic sounds help with unrest
Both help you realise, what is happening, where are we, what we are going thru

I do not know any person that is permanently chilled, allthough I met thousands of people on my travels. I believe that state of peace is not ment to be permanent. Life is about all colours and about change between our emotions.

I do know though that is it possible to experience and I will be happy to serve with my knowledge and practice for Humans to discover that amazing feeling of no-fear. Or rather let you experience the fear itself, the one not stopping you from live your Life 💖